What Are Your Three Things?

Is your future important to you? Do you want to build your best career? What are the skills most in demand today? What can executives do to stand out in a competitive market? What can employers do to attract the highest quality talent? In this Three Things, Anna Whitlam tells you.

Leading executive search professional Anna is CEO of AWPeople and APAC Teneo Talent Advisory. Anna and her team work across the globe to provide executive search and strategy advisory services.

A serial entrepreneur, Anna has founded several successful advisory firms, most recently seeing AWPeople acquired by global CEO advisory firm, Teneo. An alumna of Harvard Business School and INSEAD, Anna is a respected industry thought leader and often cited as one of Australia’s top female entrepreneurs.

Anna’s mission is singular: help professionals realise their career aspirations. We cover a lot of ground and Anna shares industry-insider intelligence for anyone thinking about their next career move.

Listen to the episode from What Are Your Three Things here: